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Catch All Dish - Morning Birds

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Capturing the fanciful flight of birds in the morning sun, the wispy gold and black of our popular porcelain catch-all tray showcase elegance and combines it with functionality. Hand-painted on some of the world’s finest porcelain, Protetta’s Morning Birds catch-all tray offers a design that fits within almost any home decor to amplify clearing energy. Experience positivity and fresh beginnings with this unique design.

Feature style in your home with a small touch of luxury by Protetta. We ship each hand-painted tray to impress, cradled in a layer of high-quality linen and protected by a sturdy yet stylish gift box. Every Morning Birds tray also comes with a Protetta card of authenticity.

NOTE: Our Levin attachment is not included. Purchase here.


• Material: Fine Porcelain
• Dimensions (in): 7.5" x 6.5" x 1.5"
• Hand Painted Edges


• Available Immediately
• Complementary Standard Shipping

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