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An image of the Levin incense holder on the Morning Birds catch all dish from Protetta.
An image showing the detail of the Morning Birds catch all dish from Protetta.
Catch All Dish - Morning Birds

Catch All Dish - Morning Birds

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Capturing the fanciful flight of birds in the morning sun, the wispy gold and black of our popular porcelain catch-all tray showcase elegance and combines it with functionality. Hand-painted on some of the world’s finest porcelain, Protetta’s Morning Birds catch-all tray offers a design that fits within almost any home decor to amplify clearing energy. Experience positivity and fresh beginnings with this unique design.

Feature style in your home with a small touch of luxury by Protetta. We ship each hand-painted tray to impress, cradled in a layer of high-quality linen and protected by a sturdy yet stylish gift box. Every Morning Birds tray also comes with a Protetta card of authenticity.

NOTE: Our Levin attachment is not included. Purchase here.


• Material: Fine Porcelain
• Dimensions (in): 7.5" x 6.5" x 1.5"
• Hand Painted Edges


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