There’s nothing more frustrating than finishing a decorating project in your home only to realize that there is something that feels incomplete about the final result. Sometimes something as simple as a throw pillow or a blanket can make the room come together, but if that’s not the case, then why not settle for an item that is luxurious, functional, and will complete the entire aesthetic?

If you’re looking for the perfect item complete the room with a little luxury, then a catch-all dish is just what you need! At Protetta, our collection of hand-painted catch-all dishes offer the perfect balance of function and elegance. Whether you’re using one of our dishes for your keys in the entryway, your jewelry in the bedroom, or a centerpiece in the dining room, you’re sure to find a dish in our collection that makes your aesthetic come alive. Explore our catch-all dishes, and order yours from Protetta today!

5 Chic Ways to Style Your Catch-All Dish

The hand-painted catch-all dishes at Protetta are pretty enough on their own, and placing them among your decor is sure to make an eye-catching statement. However, these catch-all dishes are as functional as they are beautiful, and there are a variety of ways in which you can style them to bring out their true potential.

Couple Your Dish With a Candle

When you light a candle on its own, you and your guests may notice the scent more than you notice the actual candle. However, when you pair your favorite decorative or scented candles with a catch-all dish, then you create a display that is hard to ignore. You can set your catch-all dish on the center of your mantle and place your favorite candle on top. The scent and the flame will give your home a comforting feel, and the catch-all dish will add an elegant twist. If you want to make the display even more inviting, you can add a flower or a sprig of greenery to really liven up the room.

Buy Petite Bowls

You may have walked through a store at one point or another and had a selection of charming, petite bowls catch your eye. Tiny bowls look cute and inviting, but when it comes time to find a place to put them, you may be at a loss.

If you’re looking for a way to style your catch-all dish, then a petite bowl is a perfect place to start. Placing smaller items on your dish such as rings and earrings can quickly make the dish feel cluttered. However, if you invest in a few petite bowls to house your smaller items, it not only makes your catch-all dish more aesthetically pleasing, but it can also help to organize your belongings.

Use Books as Decor

Most people don’t think of books as decor, but they have a way of adding a more high-end and classy feel to your home, especially if you use them in the living area. The benefit of using books as decor is that you can easily stack them, creating dimension between your other pieces. For example, you can stack one or two books on top of a tray on your ottoman and place the catch-all tray on top. This will give you a convenient place for a coffee cup or a candle, or your phone while you watch TV. Another option is to arrange the books to the side of your catch-all dish and place a small plant or a few trinkets to help achieve a more eclectic feel.








Display Your Perfume Bottles

While some people may choose to place their catch-all dish in a common area of the home, others might want to add some luxury to their bathroom vanity or the top of a dresser in their bedroom. If you have a collection of vintage perfume or cologne bottles, then your catch-all dish is a great place to display them. When you place your bottles right on the surface of the dresser or the vanity, they might still be eye-catching, but not as eye-catching as they could be. Adding the catch-all dish provides another layer of elegance without taking away from the beauty of the perfume and cologne bottles.

Add Luxury to Your Bar Cart

Most bar carts feature similar arrays of liquors, mixers, and all of the bar utensils you need to make the perfect cocktail. If you’re looking for a unique way to set your bar apart from the others, or to add a little elegance that brings the entire room together, then consider adding your catch-all dish to your bar cart! Place your catch-all dish among the tumblers of liquor that sit out at all times. You can either set a specific tumbler inside the dish, or you can use it for utensils or glass jars filled with garnishes.

Find the Perfect Dish for Your Space!

Catch-all dishes are extremely versatile, and with the right placement, you can add luxury and elegance to any room in your home. If you’re looking for the perfect catch-all dish for your space, then look no further than Protetta. Explore our collection, and place an order today!

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